9point9 Architects is a collaborative between Zammi Rohan and Tom Curtis - 2 long term friends who studied architecture together at the University of Tasmania. In 2004 (immediately after the completion of Uni) Zammi and Tom left Tasmania to explore the world and gain experience from working with established architects in various parts of Australia, and also internationally.

In 2009 the 2 partners reunited to form 9point9 Architects in multiple locations across Australia ~ Melbourne, Townsville & Hobart.  This entity has become a vehicle for the team to continually  evolve their shared architectural ethos.  While many architects focus heavily on ‘aesthetics’, 9point9 has a much deeper significance.  Understanding and appreciating people and place is fundamental to all of their projects.  

9point9 Architects takes a holistic approach to design.  It is important to balance aesthetics with practicality and efficiency to produce beautiful buildings that are cost effective and sustainable.   9point9 continues to experiment and explore new ideas in creating the built environment.